"Nina--here is a word from us on your fine work:
Nine Faulkner's Green Liquidation Company did an outstanding job on our small estate sale. Nina herself is such an attractive, sparkly, experienced and competent person to manage estate sales that we cannot imagine her not giving any future client satisfaction beyond their expectations.  Nina was true to her word in every instance, estimating times and days to set up, to sell, to evacuate leftovers, and to send final results to us. Unqualified recommendation!  Judy and Roger Hull, Healdsburg, April 7/8, 2017, sale."

"I highly recommend Green Estate Liquidators if you may be considering an estate sale.  I was so impressed with the professional job performed by Nina and her skilled crew.  She truly worked magic to transform an entire house, yard and garage fully packed with items into a cleaned out house ready to be put on the market for sale-all in less than two weeks!  From jewelry to junk, she did it all.  GEL worked so well with the realtor that the transformed space had multiple offers as soon as the home was listed.  If I had to personally conduct my own estate sale I never would have had that success.  It just proves that the professionals are worth every penny.  Time is money, and GEL will save you time and make you money!
B.J.B. (a very satisfied Healdsburg client)"
September 5, 2016

"Nina exceeded my expectations in all aspects of handling my estate sale. She brought in much more money than I had expected and everything sold! She is very knowledgeable as to market prices and how to attract many buyers. Not to mention, she was such a pleasure to work with! Very positive, energetic, organized and professional. I would most enthusiastically recommend Green Estates Sales to anyone who's planning an estate sale. Nina's services were invaluable! I would never have been able to do this on my own with the same degree of success."
Barbara Stranzl, Graton

"We want to thank you for all that you did for our Estate Sale. You spent hours collecting and then displaying all of our items so that all interested parties could easily see them...It was a huge task, and you were always friendly and professional. Your knowledge of the best way to organize and then sell things that we had acquired over the years exceeded our expectations. Thanks you very much for all that you did. With warm regards, Gerrit & Susan Venema" Windsor, December 26, 2013

"...One of the main attractions for us in using this company was that anything that didn't sell would be recycled and/or donated. Nina arrived at the agreed time, explained how the process worked, and spent the following week going through the house, pricing and staging the items for sale. The sale took 3 days and Nina sent the  receipts and check to me the following week. The house was left in good condition and all items were removed as promised. Honestly if it wasn't for Nina and the service her company provides I really don't know what we would have done. Thank you!"   Kathleen Keller, Santa Rosa, December 8, 2013

"Our family has lived in the same house for 60+ years and when the time came for us to have an estate sale it was obvious that we needed help.  Too many things, too many emotions and not enough time all factored in to make us look for someone to run the show.  Green Estate Liquidators was the first company we called and it was the perfect choice!  Nina was the consummate professional.  She walked us through every step of the process and was always there on time and with an ear to our needs.  She and her entire staff were friendly and caring.  And, true to her word, all things were either sold or disposed of in a timely manner.  We couldn't be happier with the outcome and would recommend Green Estate Liquidators to anyone without hesitation."   Cynthi Stefenoni & Deborah Sanchez, Sebastopol CA  5-31-2013

"I recently had a storage locker I was responsible for clearing and was at my wits end about how to do it. I had no idea how I could sell off all the items and in the meanwhile I was stuck paying for the locker without making any progress. Until, that is, I found Nina Faulkner. Nina amazed me by completing the job in about one fourth the time I had expected it to be completed. She knew where things could be sold and exactly who to contact. In addition, Nina consistently went above and beyond to exceed my expectations such as sorting and recycling things that she wasn't required to do but she did it anyway. Nina kept me informed just as I had asked her to, and she did it all with a very cheerful and pleasant attitude all along the way. In the end she saved me lots of money. I cannot recommend Nina Faulkner more highly."   Scott McKeown, Sebastopol, March 2012

"...Nina is the epitome of trustworthiness and integrity!  You can be sure that she will enthusiastically and professionally handle sales, AtoZ (including a number of our items)."  -Mike and Diane Carey, Sebastopol 2010

"...Working with Nina, I was impressed that she sold the old '67 Chinook camper (that barely ran), and was occupying my parking space.  And I was just going to give it away.  Instead, I got over $500. She is a very diligent and competent person." F. Ferris, Sebastopol

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