We are a FULL-SERVICE ESTATE LIQUIDATION COMPANY. Offering to conduct all aspects required to sell an entire (or partial) estate...our work is not done until after all agreed upon personal items are removed from buildings and the yard, and the floors will look broom-clean. Each client is different, so please just tell us how we can help you with your project. And yes, we are fully Insured.

GEL has extensive experience in: Sorting,
Cleaning items (if needed), attractively Staging for Sale, Researching and Appraising, Pricing all items, Marketing to our lists of Buyers, including contacting our specialty-items Buyers (trusted buyers of coins, watches, vintage tools, etc...) which all takes several days and weeks. Then, we conduct a two, three or four day "On-Site Estate Sale", depending on the size of the estate or business; With our sales usually starting on a Thursday or Friday.

"WE CAN HANDLE EVERYTHING FOR YOU!" (With the exception of disposing of damaged mattresses that can not be sold or given away, moldy or animal damaged items and chemicals not sold or given away.) Most of this can go in your weekly trash and recycle bins, which we handle, if we are there and you are away.

When there are smaller household items left at the end of the sales, we like to DONATE to Hospice, Goodwill or other local groups, and this will get you a Tax Deduction Receipt.

PLEASE REMEMBER- Don't toss out or donate anything (unless moldy or animal damaged). We want to keep the land-fills empty. Even broken china finds a new use with the grateful artists we donate it to. Same goes for 1/2 used cans of paint, bathroom items, cleaners etc. Most everything can be Re-Purposed!

                                     ~ THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST! ~