OUR GOAL is to make your liquidation as comfortable and easy as possible for you, and to liquidate the entire house, garage, barn, yard and any other buildings for you in a timely, professional, and friendly manner!

After we decide what is to be sold (or saved for family members) and we are in contract, you can get on with your busy life- It is that easy! Working with G.E.L., you can be assured that at all times your possessions are kept safe. We have locked cases for jewelry and other smaller valuables, and our helpful, attentive employees work to safe-guard each area of your estate. There are no out-of-pocket expenses required from you. Our commission is a percentage of all sales. Then, afte
r the sales process is complete, we quickly mail the Net-Proceeds Check to you along with receipts for items sold.

Items of unusually high value can sometimes be brokered out to an appropriate venue.

If a small number of items are left after the sales, they will be donated to Hospice or Goodwill; we are happy to take care of this step and also to get you a Tax Deduction Receipt. The home will then be mostly empty, if that is what you desire.

Please know that when we find "treasures" (hiding in the cookie-jar, or under the secretary for example) such as personal pictures, war medals, birth certificates and other items that we think you would like to know about, and maybe keep, we will definitely let you know.

                           ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST! ~